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Industry Use Cases

Media & Entertainment

AI powered digital agents are gaining are gaining widespread adoption in the media and entertainment industry. AI assistants help brands reach a larger audience and engage better by being able to deliver personalized content to targeted audience at a very little cost which is a high RoI driven case for the industry.


Conversational AI is quickly changing education and eLearning by bring constructive change to the learning process and make it more efficient. AI assistants help students and parents be more organized by improving communications with the educational institutions and help newcomers with onboarding and being campus guides while extending 24X7 support to staff and students alike.

Real Estate

Real estate industry is making headway into using Conversational AI and transforming customer support and experience segments. AI assistants and chat agents can engage, nurture, and convert buyers and sellers into clients. Sales and Marketing teams are seemingly successful as qualified lead volumes increase and spam hassle goes down.

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail and Ecommerce companies can use conversational selling to increase wallet share and customer satisfaction. Intelligent voice and chat assistants delivering personalized shopping experiences and 24/7 support can drive digital sales for e-tailers.


AI assistants enable personalized care while lowering the overall cost of care. Healthcare organizations delivering conversational care via chatbots and voice assistants are seeing improvements in patient experience, care management and medical staff productivity.

Banking and Financial Services

Conversational assistants bring two-way, relational interactions to digital banking channels. Financial services companies can reduce service costs and improve customer satisfaction by deploying bots for simple banking transactions and tier-1 support resolution.

Travel & Hospitality

Travel and hospitality companies can intensify customer connect and engagement using AI-powered conversational interfaces. They can deploy bots to automate, and personalize discovery, booking, reviews, payment, feedback and support processes.

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